He Shall Remember Your Sins No More

January 26, 2015

In our recent series at Calvary Campus we've been going through the topic of grace. Grace is an amazing thing. It catches us when we fall, it lifts us up when we fall short, it restores us to Christ. But one thing that I am always amazed by is that grace not only forgives us our sins, but it forgets it completely. Now this is something I've always known, that God forgives and forgets, but it was never really something that I emphasized in my mind, because God is omniscient. How could a God who knows the number of breaths I've taken, the number of seconds I've lived (or will live), and every thought that's passed through my mind, not remember my sins? As I was reading through Hebrews, I came across this: "For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more." (8:12) Now the English language is lame and the only way we really know how to provide emphasis is to change the font or size of a word. But one thing I've never noticed was the emphasis he puts here on the words "no more".

When looking at the original Greek there is literally two words put here for the word "no", a double negative to provide emphasis, as if to say: "He will remember our sins no, not at all, no more, by no means shall He never ever in any way, remember our sins." God doesn't just want us to know that He forgives us our sins, but He really wants to drive it home that He also forgets our sins ( see my emphasis there?) It is another beautiful paradox. That an all loving and all knowing just God can have, if you will, divine amnesia, when it comes to our faults and failures. And it's all because of what? GRACE! This was extremely encouraging for me. Especially since my walk with the Lord has been a little stagnant lately. But guess what? God doesn't remember! God always reminds me of His Grace. Because even as I was writing this I heard the church bells down the road playing "Amazing Grace"! God even chooses to remind me in song of His Grace as I am writing about His Grace. Wow!

In closing, I just want anyone who reads this to remember that God doesn't remember your sins when you fall before His throne of Grace. Grace be to you all who read this. I pray His Grace blesses you today as it has me. God bless.

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